"Beautiful mug and it feels great in the hands. It screams utility and  beauty. The proportions of the handle to the mug are specially  wonderful. It will get plenty of use :)" 

"Simply amazing quality of work. I truly love the look and feel of your  pottery and glaze. Thanks for such great work that is truly pleasing to  the eye."

"Such a great experience and so cool to have such a beautiful piece of  handmade stoneware. I feel like I have something really special in my home now."

"I haven't had such a good time in ages! Mel is beyond helpful and  knowledgeable. What a great time and I'm so proud of my creations."

"So much fun! Very patient and skilled teacher. Being able to both hand  build and use the wheel in the same class was very cool. I went without  knowing anyone else and both the people and atmosphere of the shop were  inviting and relaxed. Highly recommend this to any individual or group!"

"Took a Thirsty Thursday class for a friend's birthday! We had a fabulous time! Mel is such a kind teacher. She also has beautiful pieces for  sale! Definitely check it out!"